Joining the 100-day project to establish a regular art practice

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Joining the 100-day project to establish a regular art practice

Turns out that today is the official start of the so-called 100-day project. Each year artists commit to doing some kind of art for 100 days in a row to establish a regular art practice. I was not planning on taking part, but I might be changing my mind.

I started the year with the 20for20 art challenge. Doing a little bit of drawing every day was very beneficial. You can read more about my learnings from the challenge in this recent post. However, I realized that not having some kind of challenge to follow along I find it hard to keep up the daily routine. Nothing beats a bit of good old peer pressure. That’s probably why my spontaneous reaction to reading about the project today was – ok, I’ll do it. There is a chance that I will regret this tomorrow…

Just like in other challenges, I know that I need a plan and I need the execution to be somewhat simple. There is a really good podcast episode on regular practice on Learn to Paint Podcast. Look for episode 44.

Coming up with a plan of how to approach the 100-day project

I know from Inktober that ink drawings work great for me. No mixing of paints, easy and quick, and also a great medium to practice values, which is on my list of sketching goals anyway. So ink is a no-brainer. In addition to ink, I am also thinking about adding in some color play. I want to experiment more with non-representational palettes. Recently I discovered Esté MacLeod who publishes weekly color prompts. I like the idea of incorporating these color prompts to discover new and unfamiliar palettes.

There will be some pencil drawings (which worked really well in the 20for20 art challenge), some ink, and some kind of playing with color and materials. I am thinking of using the same reference photo for all these materials. That will save me from researching new references every day, which I know can be something that stops me from even getting started.

But where it’s good to have a plan I also want to go with the flow and see where this is taking me.

Are you taking part in the 100-day project as well?

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