Something magic happens when you take the time to really observe a scene and capture it on paper. 

I always loved to travel – to see new places, experience foreign cultures, meet new people, eat exotic food. I love the feeling when everything is new and exciting because it is different from what we are used to. But looking back I think that many times I missed out on a lot because I did not really take the time to have a closer look.
Ever since I discovered Urban Sketching, this has changed. Urban Sketchers capture the world around them. Any scene, no matter how ordinary it might be. When traveling, sketching makes me pause and completely immerse myself into the scene. Once I captured a scene in my sketchbook, its engraved in my memory. Even when looking back at it years later I will remember the weather, the surrounding sounds, how I felt that day, the people I might have met who peaked over my shoulder. Come along and have a look.

About me

I started watercolor painting at an early age, followed by acrylic a few years later. Unfortunately at some point life took over and I didn’t touch a brush for a few years. 
Discovering Urban Sketchers brought art back into my life. Sketching for me means capturing a scene in my sketchbook. It’s not about a perfect piece of art. The sketching itself and experiencing the moment is just as important to me as the final result. My sketches are usually quite quick. When traveling they happen along the way. I like to call them cappuccino-sketches. They take as long as it takes to order, drink and pay for a cappuccino. Enough time to capture the essence of a scene but quick enough to move on to a new adventure. 
I started with a portable kit of watercolors which gradually grew bigger. I love to experiment with different materials, mixing ink, acrylics, markers and colored pencils. Sketching on location is what I enjoy most. However when this is not possible, I enjoy little drawing challenges I can sneak into a busy day. Even if it’s just a few minutes of drawing or playing with materials – sketching is my happy place.

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