Finding inspiration for daily drawing

daily drawing thumbnail exercises in pencils of a plant

Finding inspiration for daily drawing

Beginning of the year I wrote down my sketching goals for 2022. It’s only the end of January but I already find it very helpful to have these goals as some kind of guidance. One of them was establishing a regular art practice which I started with the #20for20artchallenge2022 by Kelly Anne Powers from learntopaint Podcast. Read more about my learnings of a daily art challenge in the last post.

Doing this challenge motivated me to keep going. One of the perks of the challenge was the fact that reference pictures were provided. My experience from previous challenges is, that finding reference materials in a daily challenge is usually the biggest hurdle for me. So I did some research in order to have reference pictures readily available.

Here is the list of resources I am planning on using. Some of them were shared by Kelly Anne who will keep going with the challenge and who shares weekly prompts and references on her Patreon. 

Reference pictures for daily drawing

Still life

Stock photos

Street scenes


I hope you find some inspiration to draw from. If you know other sources for good reference pictures, please put them in the comments. I would love to hear what you use.  

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